Workout Ideas

Below, you will find a selection of daily workouts I do. I like to keep me workouts interesting and unpredictable to avoid boredom. It is always nice to throw a class in the mix too (I use and love Class Pass®. I make not of the amount of weight that I use in the lists but, you do what you can; nothing more or less. But, you have got to keep it progressive (increasing the weight, reps, sets and change exercises) in order to encourage growth and tone.


“Rainy Monday”

Today was super rainy and chilly outside. Work was boring also which really made me want to go home and eat and go to bed. But, I knew I had to workout today since I missed a lot last week due to a cold I had. So, I forced myself to go and did a 30 minute killer Leg and Shoulder workout. At the end of the workout, a girl said that she saw me using the dumbbells earlier and I was “awesome”. My response to her was “thank you. You can do it too”. She un-confidently said, “maybe one day”. I told her that next time she sees me to come and over and “we can do it together”. I love encouraging others to push themselves. It takes a strong woman to motivate other women to be strong! I left there feeling great and confident but sadly knew that she would never come over to join me. That’s just how people are, including myself. But, if I see her again, maybe I will approach her. May seem creepy but, Encouraging I hope.

Legs and Shoulders:

Squats                                                 4 Sets of 95 pounds and 3 Sets of 115 pounds.


Walking Lunges (60 pound bar)    2 Sets of 16                                               Super-set with

Lateral and Front Raises (15, 20 pound dumbbells)    3 Sets of 10


Squat Press and Stiff Dead-lifts  (60 pound bar)      2 Sets of 10 each       Super-set with

Single Arm Shoulder Presses (30 pound dumbbell)











Are you short on time but, really wanna kill it? Try total body super-sets. You will get a serious strength session as well as your dose of cardio.

Total Body:

Walking Lunges (65 pound bar)                                      4 Sets of 12                  Super-set with

Bench Press (95 pounds)                                                   4 Sets of 6


Seated Chest Fly Machine (100 pounds)                        4 Sets of 7                     Super-set with

Seated Rear Delt Flys on Machine (55 Pounds)            4 Sets of 10, 8, 7, 8


Lying Hamstring Curl Machine (70 pounds)                 4 Sets of 8                    Super-set with

2 Sets of Push Ups to failure

CORE CIRCUIT  (30 Seconds each move, TWO rounds):

Lying Leg Raises,  Med Ball Planks,  Bosu Ball Balancing Twists




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