20 Minute Total Body Blast

This 20 minute workout can be done at the turf area of your gym or at home, if you have the right equipment!
There are some days that we do not want to workout, don’t have much time or just don’t really know what to do that day.
Well, here is a quick idea for you.
I am a certified personal trainer and soon to be group exercise specialist. Please do not hesitate to comment or email me for modifications, explanations and advice.
Battle Ropes
Jump Rope
Moderate to Heavy Kettle bell
Decline Bench
**Two Rounds Each Circuit**
**45 seconds each move**
Battle ropes
Jump rope
Kettle bell swings
Decline sit ups
Alternating Lunges
**Rest 1 minute**
Jump jack squats
Push up jump in and outs
One arm rows left
One arm rows right
Sumo goblet squats holding kettle bell
**Rest 1 minute**
Single Leg deadlift left
Single Leg deadlift right
Plank alternating battle rope
Lying kettle bell chest press
Burpee or Squat thrust

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