Move It Monday

Here is a workout for you to do tomorrow, today or whatever Monday comes your way!

This is another circuit that really kicked my butt. One time through is a tough total body workout if you are short on time. But, if you really want to kill it, do each round twice!

Equipment Needed:
Jump Rope
12-15 pound Medicine Ball                                                                                                                                          Large Yoga Ball                                                                                                                                                            Bosu Balance Trainer


1. Jump Squats: 25
2. Push Up to Child Pose: 10 (You do a push up and rock beck into a child’s pose without placing your knees on the floor)
3. GLUTE Ball Roll-Ins for the Hamstrings: 10 slow (You lie on your back and put your heels into the large yoga ball and roll heels towards butt). 
5. Leg Raises: 20 (Lying on your back. Straight Legs. Slowly)

*Rest 1 minute*

1. Tricep Ball Push Ups: 10-15 (On the medicine ball, place your hands comfortably and perform a tricep push up where your elbows are tucked into your ribs).  (On your Knees is perfectly okay)
2. Jump Rope: 75 skips
3. Sumo (Wide legs) Pulse Squats: 25 pulses (Stay Low! Great for the inner thighs).
4. Med Ball Slams: 20 (Raise the ball completely over your head and slam to the floor. Squat to catch it, do not bend your back).
5. Full Pike Crunches: 20 (This is where you raise both your upper and lower body into a crunch at the same time). 

*Rest 1 minute*

1. Bosu Balance Twists with Med Ball: 50 total (Stand on the upside down Bosu balance trainer to balance while holding the medicine ball. Twist side to side 50 times total). 
2. Bosu Balance Single Leg Deadlifts:  10 each side slowly (Keep the Bosu balance trainer flipped from the previous exercise. Do a single leg deadlift slowly. If you cannot balance safely, do this exercise on the floor instead). 
3. (Flip Bosu Over) Bosu Glute Bridges: 25 (Lie on your back with the Bosu balance trainer flipped with the “Ball” or “blue” side up. Place your heels on it and lift your butt and hips up high and lower down. Do this 25 times a a moderate pace).
4. Seated In&Outs for Abs: 25 (Sit on the same side of the Bosu balance trainer as previously used. Do the same Full Pike Curnches that you did in the last round). *This is a challenge so, if it is too difficult for you, keep your hands on the floor while balancing your butt on the Bosu and just do in and out crunches). 
5. Jump Rope: 75 skips





Please feel free to Google any of these exercises and the equipment.

But, If you have any questions and/or would like a more personal approach, email me at:




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