Episode 17 of the Podcast, “Living While Black In America”

Racism is such a serious and sensitive topic to discuss. And, the topic alone is so vast that even the small stories make for a long discussion. My point is that racism is sadly something that is experienced far too often and almost always it is experienced by people of color.

I am not black; I am a white female and can never possibly come close to fully understanding what it is like to be a person of color in any country but, I am conscious and aware of what goes on and what minorities go through. I especially have had an “awareness” of the injustices and hatred that black people in America endure in this supposed “diverse” country. To be honest, Hispanics are treated better than the African Americans that were BROUGHT HERE by whites! This is just the way it has always been and unfortunately, there seems to be no improvement or resolution in sight.

In 2018 alone, there have been several historical events of racism towards black people in America. If you recall the Starbucks incident where two black men had the police called on them for no reason and the eight year old girl who a white woman called the police on for selling bottles of water. Recently, a biracial teenage boy who was riding in the car with his white grandmother was detained by police and placed in the back of the cop car while authorities verified with the grandmother that she was not being kidnapped by her grandson. These events are just a few of many situations where white people have called police on African Americans for nonsense. And it is causing so much fear and trauma to the community.

In this episode, I discuss something that has always been happening but that has just recently became so common that it was given the name “Living While Black” because African Americans have been getting pulled over, detained and even arrested while simply living their normal, everyday lives. There should be no reason for this at all and I wish that one day the world could not see skin color. But, we are humans and despite all of the good we do, we are still the horrible species that we are.

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