“Beyond Raw” Precision BCAA Drink Mix

This is a somewhat new Branch Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) (proteins) drink that can serve also as a pre-workout formula. I use this both before and during my training sessions.

FLAVOR: The flavor is on point! This one that I bought is “Gummy Worm” and it tastes just like an ice cold bottle of gummy worm water. This may sound weird and unappealing but it is divine! There are also other conventional flavors as well; for the basic bitches out there. This drink is sweet but, not to sweet like some other workout drinks. And, like all other powder workout formulas, you can add more or less water to reach your desired flavor level. It also mixes well as it is not grainy.


PRICE: For a little more than a pound of the powder, it costs about $40. This will last you approximately a month or more though. You can find it at GNC or even Amazon.  *** Click this link to buy*** ( Beyond Raw Precision BCAA – Gummy Worm ).


NUTRITION: It is 25 calories for two scoops and allegedly zero sugar. But, it definitely contains sugar alcohols. So, I would mot recommend drinking it outside of training times or once per day unless you are on a high sugar diet and, if you are, let me know how that’s working out for you.



FINAL VERDICT: I totally recommend this product for any gym goer who drinks these. I have tried dozens of other pre-workout/BCAA drinks and some of them are just as awesome as this one. But, how often will you find a “Gummy Worm” flavored drink? I think almost never.


Use the link included in this post to buy yours and tell me what you think.

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