Rainy Monday

Today was super rainy and chilly outside. Work was boring also which really made me want to go home and eat and go to bed. But, I knew I had to workout today since I missed a lot last week due to a cold I had. So, I forced myself to go and did a 30 minute killer Leg and Shoulder workout. At the end of the workout, a girl said that she saw me using the dumbbells earlier and I was “awesome”. My response to her was “thank you. You can do it too”. She un-confidently said, “maybe one day”. I told her that next time she sees me to come and over and “we can do it together”. I love encouraging others to push themselves. It takes a strong woman to motivate other women to be strong! I left there feeling great and confident but sadly knew that she would never come over to join me. That’s just how people are, including myself. But, if I see her again, maybe I will approach her. May seem creepy but, Encouraging I hope.

Legs and Shoulders:

Squats                                                 4 Sets of 95 pounds and 3 Sets of 115 pounds.

Walking Lunges (60 pound bar)    2 Sets of 16                                               Super-set with

Lateral and Front Raises (15, 20 pound dumbbells)    3 Sets of 10

Squat Press and Stiff Dead-lifts  (60 pound bar)      2 Sets of 10 each       Super-set with

Single Arm Shoulder Presses (30 pound dumbbell)


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