Pre-Labor Day Sunday Funday


Are you short on time but, really wanna kill it? Try total body super-sets. You will get a serious strength session as well as your dose of cardio.

Total Body:

Walking Lunges (65 pound bar)                                      4 Sets of 12                  Super-set with

Bench Press (95 pounds)                                                   4 Sets of 6

Seated Chest Fly Machine (100 pounds)                        4 Sets of 7                     Super-set with

Seated Rear Delt Flys on Machine (55 Pounds)            4 Sets of 10, 8, 7, 8

Lying Hamstring Curl Machine (70 pounds)                 4 Sets of 8                    Super-set with

2 Sets of Push Ups to failure

CORE CIRCUIT  (30 Seconds each move, TWO rounds):

Lying Leg Raises,  Med Ball Planks,  Bosu Ball Balancing Twists


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