Falling Down and Getting Back Up

As you all have probably heard by now in past episodes; I am really into Keto at the moment. It not only has been a major factor in my fat loss but, Keto and intermittent fasting have both drastically changed the way I feel!
For over a month of keto/intermittent fasting, I dropped over seven pounds and gained an immeasurable amount of strength and energy. My body is much more prepared to go to the gym and completely murder a workout. And, I never get that 2:30 feeling at work like I did when I was consuming sugar, carbs and dairy.
Also, I had heard from other keto speakers that carbs cause and or heighten inflammation in the body. This has proven true for me. Before, I constantly had to endure low back pain, knee pain, bloating, abdominal pain and headaches. Not to mention long term muscle soreness. But, within a week of going dairy free (besides eggs of course) and following a ketogenic lifestyle, those ailments disappeared. It was amazing! I was cured without pain pills or surgeries. With this lifestyle, I am finally able to squat heavy again!!!
But, the journey to greatness of never a straight path. There will be bumps in the road and detours. I experienced my first TWO bumps a couple of weeks ago.
Sadly, despite being a healthy 33 year old woman, I broke a tooth and had to have it removed. For anyone that does not know, it was horrible. And the recovery is long and uncomfortable. I mean, you have a large hole in your mouth. It’s cringy even thinking about it.
Anyway, during my recovery, I was unable to go hard at the gym because I was on a consistent regimen of pain pills and antibiotics. Also, I could not eat anything hard, spicy, seeded, crunchy, etc. And after eating, I had to clean my mouth gently but thouroughly. I dealt with it like a champ and am almost completely recovered from that.
But, here is where it gets worse. After completing the antibiotics, I fell severely Ill with fever, chills, sore throat, body aches…. The whole flu family of symptoms. At first I thought it was a worsening tooth infection. Which was proven incorrect at the emergency dental clinic. Then, it appeared to be strept throat; which it was not either. The day after visiting my internist and being told that it was just a virus that is going around; I was confirmed to have contacted hand foot and mouth disease. Yes, I know, the toddler disease. That is just how UNLUCKY that I am. No one in my vicinity (that I knew of) had it. Not even my kids! But, I managed to get it immediatly after oral surgery.
So, there was a two to three week period of illness right in the middle of a highly successful diet. During that time I was attempting to stay on track but would eat a bowl of ice cream each day because it was soft and alleviated the pain in my mouth and throat. This began a down hill spiral of consuming sugar. And the addiction resurfaced.
Remember that I had successfully broken my intense lifelong sugar addiction following the Keto/IF plan. I did not even consider eating any sweets, even when they were right in front of me. But, this “medicinal” ice cream treatment changed that quickly.
I then added in a few breads, cereal, pizza, french fries and a slew of desserts. Basically I ended up back at square one.
Last week, I realized just how messed up I was as a result of the slip ups. My gut is bloated, I am gassy and constipated and actually gained two pounds back. No, that is not a lot of weight but it is discouraging when the goal is for the scale to go down. Subsequently, my clothes that we’re beginning to fit better we’re now tight again.
But the side effects did not stop there. I had less energy, was hungrier throughout the day and earlier than my eating window. I craved sugar all day and the headaches, joint and muscle pains fully returned. All of these were what I was working to end.
So here we are; back on the grind. My eating window is 12pm to 7 or 8 pm. And I am following full keto again. Don’t get me wrong; I am still having berries and goat or sheep yogurt. But I am honestly otherwise following keto.
Currently, I am on day five of the reset and have already”failed” last night and went on an ice cream binge. As a result, I awoke this morning bloated and cramping with intense guilt and disappointment in myself. But, I will accept it and move on doing better today and there on.
We all fall off the wagon and it can be highly difficult to get back on. Then once the wagon rolls, it will hit bumps or we may get lost on our journey. This is when it really counts. This is when we dust off and resume the trip with a greater knowledge than last time.
No matter what goal you are fighting for, don’t let a minor or even a major hiccup ruin all of the work done and success achieved. Keep going and you WILL meet that goal. But keep in mind that the journey is never ending. It is a constant lifestyle of self improvement.
Keep on keepin’ on!

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