Netflix® Show Recommendations From A Netflix® Junkie

Pretty much everyone now either has or is using someone else’s Netflix® membership. It is the best way to watch shows and movies anytime and anywhere. I have had the streaming service from back when it was mostly DVDs that were worth renting. This is back when there were still Blockbuster® stores. Before streaming movies and shows was became the best thing since sliced bread.

Personally, the only time I have to watch anything is on my long commute to and from work via the subways. Since those are underground, I am limited to what is available on my phone. Luckily, Netflix® allows you to download to your device, making it easy to pass the time of that two plus hours spent commuting per day. That is easily enough time to watch a full movie or an episode or two of your favorite series.

So, here is a list of my favorite recent Netflix® television shows. Since I did not want to cram too much information into one post, in the next post I will give you my favorite movies to watch on the app.

If you want to catch up on older shows or re-watch episodes from the past, check out shows like “American Horror Story” or “Supernatural”. These shows are still actively on network television now and still highly popular. If you have not yet begun watching the series, this is a great way to be in the know with what is going on now. And, if you have been a follower from the beginning, it is kinda nice to watch an old episode from the beginning to get a better understanding of where the series is at now. There are several other shows that you can do this with but, I love “American Horror Story” and just last week, I found myself watching episode 1 again and found it way more interesting the second time around.  I watched “Supernatural” off and on over the years but I used Netflix® as a way to completely follow along with the new episodes. And, I mean come on, is there ever too much Sam and Dean one can watch?

“Orange is the New Black”: Is there anyone on planet Earth not watching this show? If you fall into the small percentage of those not, please start watching now. The female prisoner series does have its softer moments in which they show the fluffier side of being in prison. While I have never been, surely it has to be a bit more dangerous than they made it out to be at times. But, it is not lacking anywhere. There are so many funny, dramatic and sad moments in the show. You learn to empathize for these women despite the mistakes they made in their pasts. The last season did very well in shedding light on the injustice that black Americans were dealing with (and still are) and how traumatic it truly is on everyone around the community, despite their race. This new season (Season Six) is really entertaining because the ladies are now in Maximum Security and facing some very tough women with nothing to lose. My only real complaint is that after binge watching all 13 episodes, I have to wait a whole year for the next batch. Makes for a long year!

“The Punisher“:  I am so not into the super hero stuff but, the hubbs got me into this. Also the lead role of Frank Castle is played by Jon Bernthal who plays Shane in “The Walking Dead” (another good show to use Netflix® to help you catch up on).  He was awesome in both shows so far. His character is an ex marine turned NYC vigilante who is avenging the deaths of his family while fighting crime his own hay. He is witty, skilled and violent. Yet, he gets shot every single time he walks into a fight. The show is filled with tons of fights for the guys and mountains of emotional ups and downs for the ladies. It is only two seasons in so far for those just beginning to become interested so, you can get started and caught up within a couple of weekends. Definitely a fun show to follow!

“Luck Cage”:  Again, I am not into super hero movies. Yet, here we are with another what; Super Hero Show. This one is for everyone. Luke Cage is a wrongly convicted ex-convict who was used as a lab rat while locked up. The experiments gave him super strength as well as invincibility. He uses his acquired powers to try to clean up the mean streets of Harlem. We are up to only two seasons of this show as well. Both seasons so far centered around the Stokes family who basically runs Harlem. Mariah Dillard, played by Alfre Woodard,  is the congress woman turned gang leader who you just want dead. She plays evil and cold-hearted so well and yet, Luke cannot find it in himself to kill her. There is a ton of action and drama and a good bit of eye candy for both genders in this series as well. It is also centered around an almost all-black cast which is so good to see in a leading show centered around progression.

“3%” is a foreign show that is spoken over in English. The setting is a futuristic world in which there is an island where resources are limitless and all twenty year olds get a chance to pass a series of tests to see if they are a part of the 3% of people worthy enough to live there. If they fail the test, they go back to the dangerous slums that they are from and carry on the rest of their lives struggling to find food and water. Just the thought of a possibility of a world like this is mind-blowing and yet, seems not so unlikely. Another two season show that I really hope continues because it is awesome!

A show that did come to a heartbreaking end is “Sense 8″. This show follows eight people from all around the world who make up a cluster of individuals who can all feel each other’s emotions and even physical feelings such as pleasure and pain. They can pass on skills to one another by embodying that person. The can visit each other telepathically, without anyone else seeing them. Unfortunately, there is a secret agency out there trying to end their existence and they must fight to keep each other alive. There was only two seasons and rumor has it that the show was just too expensive to go on. They did put out a final show to wrap things up and I cried like a baby during the closing credits because you become a part of their cluster during the series. Each person in the show lives a different lifestyle that the others and yet they all come together, without judgement of bias, as one. A lot can be learned about equality and love for your fellow human from this show. You will be missed.

A foreign show that you do have to read is called “The Chalet” and is all French with subtitles. The show is so worth it though. It is a mystery thriller of only six episodes centered around a group of people staying in and around a hotel in a small village where a family was murdered twenty years ago. Suddenly, people start disappearing or getting killed off by a mysteriously unseen murderer. As the survivors attempt to find out who the killer is, they unmask a secret that the villagers had been trying to keep buried for decades.

“Dark” is a foreign show that is also spoken over in English, making it easier to follow. I am a sucker for time travel and this show feeds into that so perfectly well! Another one season show that I can only dream will continue is about a boy who disappears in the woods in a small German town. His disappearance arises many other strange phenomena and secrets from the past. The show leads into time travel and gives viewers a glimpse into the past, present and a bleak future. I guarantee that you will spend the entire ten episodes on the edge of your seat!

If you want variety, “Black Mirror” is just the thing for you! We are currently up to four seasons and every single episode is a different story. The Emmy winning show is quite futuristic and really gets you thinking of how different life could be if circumstances were changed. I can honestly say that there was only one episode that I did not like out of all of them. Each one really got my attention and left me thinking about it days afterward.  If you don’t want to commit to a complete series yet, would like to watch some short stories than this show is right up your alley!

Scream junkie? Then, there is a show for you too. “Slasher” is a gory horror show with a great story line each season. There is currently only two seasons but, I am sure that they will publish more. Each season has a different title and is centered around a group of people and one killer and a reason that person is killing. It is not your typical film of a guy in the woods or the town just killing everyone he sees but, more of a justice killing of those that he or she BELIEVED deserved to be killed for a reason.  This is another one of those shows that expresses just how likely it is that your past can come back to haunt you.

Finally, I could not leave out Netflix’s® most popular show to date. “Stranger Things” is centered around a group of kids who stumble upon a girl with telekinesis and discover an underground “upside down” world. I will admit that I was hesitant to watch this because it is within the early 80’s era and Winona Ryder was displayed as the lead actor.  Needless to say, I am not a fan. She come off as a bit whiny in her roles but, she didn’t do too bad in this show and while she is in there a lot, the show is mostly centered around the kids who include the young model, Millie Bobby Brown and the Verizon Fios® kid as well as the kid from “IT”. We are two seasons in and it keeps getting better. There are a lot of jump out of your seat moments and times where you do not think they are going to make it out of there. But, they do and that is why I am here waiting for season three.

So, there you have it kids. A list of my top shows to watch on the popular streaming app. There are several other good shows, including many that have not even crossed my radar. If you have any suggestions, drop a comment.

See you next time to tell you my favorite movies to see on Netflix®.


‘Till next time……

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