The Sports “Fanatic”

This week’s podcast is about an article that I came across from the Daily News that briefly described an incident in France during the World Cup 2018.  The article both shows how overly obsessive the sports fanatic can be but, it also in-deliberately had a sprinkle of racial bias in it.

The article is titled “Two dead in accidents, dozens detained by police in France in World Cup celebration chaos“. The title alone got my attention because it should have been called a riot not “celebration chaos”.  But, as I read on, I was even more taken back by the wording used to describe this incident. Reason being; as you can see from the images online, there were almost only white faces in this crowd; as with most other sports riots.

There were three children ages 3 to 6 who were injured. I was first confused as to why there would be children there in the first place but, maybe they happened to be in the vicinity during the chaos and were included in the toll of those effected by the event.

Eventually, some of the rioters broke into a drug store and looted alcohol from it. Yet the article described this trespassing and robbery as “crowds  broke into a drugstore on the famed Champs-Elysees and took bottles of wine and champagne before being dispersed by police”. WTF! When any other race does this it is called “looting” and “robbery”.

Also, early in the evening, the police used tear gas to attempt to break up the crowd but, were so unsuccessful that by midnight they used water cannons to try to break up the rowdy people still there. It was even noted that there were clashes between officers and “those celebrating” and even bottles were thrown between the crowd and police. Why were the police going so light on this crowd? Had this been outside of a Lakers game and the population been black; the outcome would have been much more violent.

These Caucasians even lit a car on fire and one man died because he jumped into a shallow canal as because he was so excited. Let me note that I am white as well and see much bias in this article. Why did police allow this incident to go on for so long? Why were they not shooting rubber bullets by midnight instead of water cannons? Why did they call the rioters “revellers”  and “celebrators” instead of “thieves” and the “rowdy” or “violent” or “rioters”? I think we know the answer.

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