The Last Bike Still Standing?

So, here in New York, it is common knowledge that if you chain your bike to a post that it may not be there when you return. And, if it is has not entirely vanished, then I guarantee that some parts are gone. It is the norm to see just the frame of the bike chained to a sign. Or, even a single tired bike (basically, and unintended unicycle).  Funny but sadly true, a lot of seats off of bicycles are stolen.

Today, there was a bicycle that I passed by on my way home from the gym. It was chained to a gate and covered in weeds. The weeds surrounding the bike is what drew my attention to it. But, as I looked closer, I noticed that this old cycle was completely intact. What? In the Bronx? I was mind blown! As I walked around it, sure to find a missing piece; I decided to take a picture for you guys.


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