Podcast Episode #2: “Just Another Day In The City”

Hello Fanatics,


This episode of my podcast was not meant to be like a journal entry or a rant on just how bad my day was. That may be what it appeared to be but, it is actually an explanation of just how difficult it is to commute n NYC to and from work on a day that includes in-climate weather and bad attitudes.

The day started off well, besides the pouring rain and unbearable humidity. Luckily, I caught a ride to the train station to avoid getting wet immediately. The train ride was slow, hot and cramped. And, there were many attitudes that came along with it from other passengers that were fighting to get on the train cars to avoid being left behind. In this chaos, I had my own personal confrontation with a woman and her giant Amazon box.

But, I grabbed my Venti Iced Blonde Americano and went on about my day. I arrived at work with, what was straightened hair, now a mini Afro of sorts. My day was looking to make a turn for the better until there was a stupid misunderstanding between a “co-worker” and myself on the phone that she felt the need to report, a.k.a. tattle to our superiors. It took me a while but I managed to brush it off and kept on going.

After work, I was tired but, ignorantly gave in to the desire to go to Trader Joe’s. I shopped and had so many things that I had to use paper bags. IN THE RAIN, I carried those bags to the wet, underground subway station and onto the wet, crowded, un-air conditioned subway car. The train ride home consisted of us packed like sardines in this hot tin can for over an hour. All the while, I am standing with my 2 grocery bags on the floor.

Upon getting off of the train, I slowly and carefully make my way down the 3 flights of stairs. And, go figure, right at the bottom, I slip on a step and fall down and all of my groceries roll out of the bags. Besides my ego, only my ankle hurt a little bit and two kind men came and helped me pick up my things. I was super embarrassed and in slight pain. But, I held it together and took a cab home from there.

I get out of the cab and right after I open the gate to my front “yard”, the wet paper bags gave out and all of the contents end up on the ground in the rain. At this point, I am emotionally broken. I ring the doorbell and my amazing fiance’ opens the door. I bust out into tears immediately. I mean, it took me a good 20 minutes and a cold shower to calm down.

This day was terrible and I really wanted to share it because, it is sad to remember but, funny now that I am looking back at it.

This day is explained in detail on my podcast:

The Lifestyle Fanatic on iTunes, Google Play Podcasts, Podbean, etc.

Episode 2 (Check it Out!)



Thanks for reading. Please check out my podcast. It is still a baby but, you are going to love watching what it grows into. Big Plans!



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